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Why choose Morewood Accounting?

We specialise in working with individuals employing staff (such as carers and PAs) and business of all sizes.  We have 25 years’ experience and will take you through the whole process including:

  • setting up your payroll

  • registering you as an employer if needed

  • designing the payroll process to keep you compliant

  • ensuring you spend the minimum amount of time on your payroll



Benefits to working with Morewood Accounting
  • You’re not tied into a lengthy contract – we operate a 1-month notice period and will do everything we can to support a seamless transition

  • No Hidden Costs – our pricing is transparent and you will always know exactly what you will pay, enabling you to control your costs

  • Excellent customer service -  your payroll is processed in the UK and you can contact us at our office directly; your call will be answered by a consultant and not a call centre

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